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General Concerns
Transforming Campus Life: Reflections on Spirituality and
Religious Pluralism (Studies in Education and Spirituality, Vol.
1). Miller, Vachel W. (Editor) and Merle M. Ryan (Editor).
2001. “This book comes at the right time, offering insightful
reflections on religious diversity and spiritual exploration in
multiple dimensions of campus life.” —David K. Scott,
Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Written by Kenneth Clarke, Director, and Janet Shortall,
Associate Director, Cornell United Religious Work
Judy Collins, folk singer and songwriter, has
battled alcoholism, panic attacks, bulimia, and
bouts of depression during her 48-year career. She
recently wrote a book titled, Sanity and Grace: A
Journey of Suicide, Survival and Strength, which
chronicles how she survived grief and depression
after the suicide of her 33-year-old son. “Staying
undepressed is really the big one, isn’t it?” she
says. “That’s the key so we can go on.” Her
approach includes daily regular exercise and