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General Concerns
limitations caused by the condition to ensure equal access
while maintaining academic standards. Some students
become disabled or identify their disability while attending
college. These students face the challenge of adjusting to a
new life condition while navigating campus life with
significant limitations.
Faculty awareness of the student’s legal right to
accommodations and the faculty member’s responsibility to
assist with providing accommodations is key to meeting a
university’s compliance mandate. Students are often
concerned that instructors will view accommodations as an
advantage rather than as a modification made to address a
limitation caused by a disability. An instructor can help
normalize the accommodation process by inviting students
with disabilities to meet privately, such as during office
hours, to discuss accommodations and by including a
statement in the course syllabus that encourages students to
self-identify and request accommodations early in the
Sample syllabus statement:
“Note to students with disabilities: If you have a
disability-related need for reasonable academic
adjustments in this course, provide (instructor, TA, course
coordinator) with an accommodation letter outlining the
need for accommodations. Students are expected to give
two weeks’ notice of the need for accommodations. If you
need immediate accommodations, please arrange to