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Mental Health Concerns
“I’m a sophomore, and I’ve been dealing with
eating disorders for about six years now—two
years with anorexia, four years with bulimia. I’ve
gone through long periods of binging and purging,
which have kept my weight at a healthy level.
Freshman year was full of new experiences and I
was determined not to let my eating disorder get in
the way of my social life/academics, but this year
has been much, much worse. My GPA fell to a 2.8,
and for two semesters now, I have barely left my
room. Since most of my classes are large lectures, I
can get away with not going to class and just
reading the text at home, but I haven’t been to
class for six days now because I just don’t have the
energy to get out of bed. Even if I do, I feel too
disgusting to set foot outside. I know that I need
help really badly, but at the same time, if I’ve
managed to survive for years this way, then I’m
sure I can keep doing it. I wish one of my professors
would notice & send me for help.”