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Mental Health Concerns
“I always keep a few brochures and handouts in my office to
use with students who I think will benefit from campus and
community resources. I find that having a few usage
statistics, to let the student know they are not alone in their
plight, helps the individual follow through. In some cases I
even set up an appointment for the student, with them
present, and have volunteered to walk with them to the
student help centers here on campus. It helps ease their
anxiety and shows that I truly care for their quality of life and
overall wellbeing.”
- Andrew Fink, M.Ed., Instructor, Department of Health Sciences, James
Madison University
“I tell students that getting psychological counseling does not
mean you're crazy, that I've done it and that it's a privilege to
get professional help in viewing issues from your own
perspective, without the complications of advice from friends
and family members who all have an interest in you from a
particular perspective. I say the world would be so much
better if everyone could have a private counselor to talk to
each week and that the cost is free while they're students and
they should take advantage of the opportunity to gain insight
into their own feelings and behaviors. I tell them that I know
our counselors will absolutely NOT reveal anything about
their personal situations without permission and tell them
they should spill everything and not hold back. I tell them the
counseling will be only as effective as they are honest -- and
that they should not be afraid to cry or express anger or curse