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Mental Health Concerns
Adapted from information from the National Alliance on
Mental Illness (NAMI)
Irving Berlin was one of the most prolific
American songwriters in history, composing more
than 3,000 songs,17 film scores, and 21 Broadway
scores. He left his mark in music history with
songs such as God Bless America and White
Christmas. Berlin experienced bouts of depression
throughout his life. “The trouble with success is
that you have to keep being successful,” he said.
He called the periods when he disliked everything
he wrote and worried that he would never have
another hit song “dry spells,” which he
experienced through the late 1920s and early
1930s. Thirty years later, when he lived with a
prolonged, severe depression, he told his family,
“I should have gone to someone years ago. It’s too
late now.”