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Mental Health Concerns
Silverman, 1997). According to Silverman (2008) we lose
about 1,350 college students to suicide each year; roughly
3 young people per day.
We also learn about suicide risk by surveying students.
The 2009 Healthy Minds study (Eisenberg) surveyed 8,590
students across 15 campuses. Results indicate that 7% of
students reported having “Seriously thought about
suicide” in the past year. Two percent report having had
a plan for suicide and 1% reported having made a suicide
attempt in the past year (findings which are comparable
to those reported in the 2010 report of the American
College Health Association’s National College Health
Bad news, good news
The bad news? If we translate those percentages to actual
individuals on a small (1,000 student) and large (10,000
student) campus, the results are quite concerning.