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Mental Health Concerns
Amy Tan is the award-winning author of five New
York Times bestsellers, including novel-turned-
film The Joy Luck Club. She acknowledges a family
history of depression and suicidal thoughts. Her
personal experiences with both have led her to
long-term psychiatric medication.
Anxiety is a natural response to stress with symptoms
ranging from increased heart rate and loss of appetite to a
general nervous feeling. The anxiety can be of a general
nature or more specific, such as social anxiety or phobia.
Students may feel anxiety from a number of sources. Some
are separated from their family and friends for the first time.
Some have never shared a room with someone they don’t
know. Some find that while they were the star of their high
school, they are now “just” average. Some come to the
university already having experienced difficulties and now
are on their own in managing them. Anxiety may interfere
with the student’s academic functioning, causing the student
to lose the ability to concentrate, to process information, to
comprehend or to learn material effectively. Anxiety may
also interfere with concentration, decision-making and time