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Mental Health Concerns
Adapted from information from the National Alliance on
Mental Illness (NAMI) and National Institute of Mental
Health (NIMH)
Writer Leo Tolstoy had great energy for his
creative projects, but he told a fellow writer,
“There is no happiness in life, only occasional
flares of it.” While finishing his novel Anna
Karenina, Tolstoy began to experience episodes of
depression and contemplated suicide. But during
this dark period, he found new meaning in
Christianity and expressed his wish for “universal
love and passive resistance to evil in the form of
violence” in his writing.
The 16th president of the United States, Lincoln is
also often considered the greatest. Throughout his
entire adulthood, he faced what is now
considered clinical depression, characterized by
anxiety attacks, frequent feelings of despair, and
suicidal thoughts. Many scholars believe that