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Mental Health Concerns
Lincoln’s depression facilitated his contemplative
and insightful nature, contributing to his overall
efficacy as a leader. Lincoln historian Joshua Wolf
Shenk wrote, “Lincoln didn’t do great work
because he solved the problem of his melancholy;
the problem of his melancholy was all the more
fuel for the fire of his great work.”
Pete Wentz, frontman and bass guitarist of Fall
Out Boy, experienced anxiety and depression,
which led to a suicide attempt. Now Wentz takes
anti-anxiety meds. “I secluded myself. I refused to
get on airplanes or buses. I stopped talking to all
of my friends completely. I pretty much broke
down in front of everyone but in a very secretive
way,” Wentz says of the depths of his anxiety and
depression. “Sometimes in my head I find myself
feeling guilty when I am happy, like it is
something wrong or inauthentic.”
A traumatic event, such as a natural disaster (e.g., hurricane,
flood), physical abuse, sexual assault, war or a serious