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Mental Health Concerns
Those with the predominantly hyperactive/impulsive type
fidget with their hands or feet or squirm in their seat
leave their seat when remaining seated is expected
move excessively or feel restless in situations where such
behavior is inappropriate
have difficulty engaging in leisure activities quietly
talk excessively and blurt out answers before questions
have been completed
have difficulty awaiting their turn and interrupt others
As with any symptoms of mental illness, it is
the degree of
disruption or dysfunction
that distinguishes between a
diagnosable condition and what might simply be a
collection of personal characteristics. Many students
display behaviors such as those described above, have no
difficulty managing relationships, classes and related
campus activities.
What causes ADHD?
ADHD is not caused by dysfunctional parenting nor a lack of
intelligence or discipline. Strong scientific evidence supports
the conclusion that ADHD is a biologically based disorder.
National Institute of Mental Health researchers using PET
scans have observed significantly lower metabolic activity in
regions of the brain controlling attention, social judgment,