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Traumatic Experiences
hopeless, and make clear what resources are available for
getting help. It can be useful to characterize the act of
suicide as a serious mistake in judgment on the part of the
deceased, in which their ability to see alternatives or use
resources for help was impaired by the psychological pain
from which they suffered.
D. Remind students of
ways to get help
if they are concerned
about themselves or a friend.
E. Present
clear messages about suicide and grief
Expressing grief is important and appropriate
Feelings of guilt, anger and responsibility are normal
Suicide is complicated and suicidal thinking is NOT a normal
response to stress. Emphasize that suicide is often
preventable and that this student made a terribly,
unnecessarily tragic life choice. Focus on the importance
of getting help for emotional distress or life’s problems.
F. Emphasize that the victim is responsible for his/her
actions. No one else is to blame.
G. Recognize the pathology surrounding the death. If
students report that the student was, for example,
depressed, bipolar, or chemically dependent, talk about
these as serious illnesses that require medical treatment.