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The Campus Suicide Prevention Center of Virginia is one of
many organizations working to promote safety and wellness
within public and private campus communities across the
Commonwealth. The Center utilizes a Public Health approach
to build the infrastructure necessary to promote mental
health for all students, identify and support those with
mental health concerns and effectively respond to individuals
who are at risk for suicide. Though the work of suicide
prevention is complex, our guiding principles are not.
Basically, we believe that:
1. Behavioral health is essential to health.
Advances in
neuroscience have made it clear that behavioral and
emotional health are an integral part of overall health and
2. Prevention works.
Promoting wellness and catching
problems early decreases the risk for a host of undesirable
outcomes, including suicide. We also know that distressed
students fare much better, personally as well as academically,
if they are able to stay in school. This means that early
intervention is a key strategy for helping students recover
and remain healthy and productive. By helping to identify,
approach and refer distressed students, faculty strengthen