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Foundations for Supporting Students
“Last year I had a professor who took it upon
himself to learn the names of many of the students
in his class, which is amazing because the class was
over 150 students. Every day I would walk in and he
would say, ‘Hey Jayson, how are you?’ Although
such a gesture is small, it really did make a
difference. Sometimes it turned a bad day into a
hopeful one.”
Today’s students face intense pressure to succeed. Guidance,
support and help from faculty can ensure the creation of a
living-learning environment where students can productively
face many issues for the first time.
As faculty, we can better prepare ourselves when we
understand the developmental tasks facing students:
Becoming Autonomous:
managing time, money, and other
resources, taking care of oneself emotionally and physically,
working independently and interdependently and asking for