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Foundations for Supporting Students
Establishing Identity:
developing a realistic self- image
including an ability to handle feedback and criticism, defining
limitations and exploring abilities, and understanding oneself
in culture.
Achieving Competence:
managing emotions appropriately,
developing and pursuing academic interests, identifying and
solving problems, becoming confident and competent, and
preparing for careers and life-long learning.
Understanding and Supporting Diversity:
meeting people
from diverse backgrounds, encountering differences, and
learning to honor the gifts of others.
Establishing Connection and Community:
learning to live
respectfully with and among others, and developing skills in
group decision-making and teamwork.
The college years can be times of discovery and excitement.
Those who work with students often strive to incorporate
those qualities into their teaching. At the same time, the
developmental tasks that are particular to the college years
can be taxing and difficult. Stress responses can be triggered
by positive experiences, such as falling in love or acing an
exam or by negative experiences, such as an unexpected
loss, disappointment or traumatic event. As a positive
influence, stress can compel us to action, move us into our