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Helping Students Balance Stress
imperative that they have some impartial resource to air their
concerns and feel that they are being heard”
- Daniel N. Cox, Ph.D., Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor, School
of Systems Biology, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, George Mason
“I make it a policy to take a picture of every student in my
class and memorize their names. Just learning their names
makes so much of a difference to the students, they then
become known by the faculty and feel part of a support
—Professor, Policy Analysis and Management
“For the first assignment, which is due for the second class, I
have students send me a picture of themselves doing
something they love.”
— Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
“I bought 50 dinner tickets every fall for the faculty in my
department to take students out for meals. For my class, I
made it sound like it was required by emailing my students
about the dinners. Upperclass students love having the
chance to go to all-you-can-eat dining halls again.”
—Professor, Communication