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Helping Students Balance Stress
“The air of competition in science classes—especially pre-med
classes—is at a whole different level. Students are more tense
and attentive, as if trying to grasp every word uttered out of
the professor’s mouth. They take furious notes, and I can
almost see the sparks flying off of the notepads.”
—Pre-med Student
“Grading on a curve promotes selfishness. If I help someone
else study to do better, I will get a worse grade. I end up
doing my work to try to get ‘to the top.’ It’s not about
learning to know something or to be proficient in an area, but
to ‘beat’ everyone else.”
—Chemistry Student
Most faculty agree that some level of student stress is a
motivating force but wonder what can be done both inside
and outside of the classroom to help minimize unnecessary
stress. Group work decreases stress, fosters team building
and combats the isolation.
“The vast majority of my assignments are done in pairs. I
know they get together and share anyway, so I make it OK.
The exams tell if they learned the material.”
— Professor, Finance, Accounting, and Real Estate