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Helping Students Balance Stress
“My approach to teaching has been influenced by African
indigenous education. It’s more collaborative. Teachers and
students sit in a circle, look at each other, and the
expectation is that every person has something significant to
contribute. As professors, we must have the attitude that all
of our students can be successful.”
—Professor, Africana Studies
“Virtual communities like Facebook are very big. Can we
capitalize on these virtual communities for online peer
support in our courses?”
—Professor, Communication and Information Science
“Historically, studio is an intense family. People talk, criticize,
help each other, and exchange information. Lately though,
the competition has gotten tremendous. Students used to
draw, talk, and connect. Now with computers, the
cohesiveness of the students is eroding and they are more
competitive and form cliques. I continually encourage them
to help each other and work together.”
—Professor, Architecture
A public space or lounge area draws students to your
department and provides opportunities for informal