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Helping Students Balance Stress
interactions between students and faculty. It also provides
a place to post information and a meeting space for
student organizations.
Meeting regularly with advisees allows immediate problem
solving and helps new students adjust to the demands of
your curriculum. Activities might include discussion of
careers in your field, active research in your college, and
ethics and workshops on study and exam skills.
Professionals in your field, advising staff, and faculty
members from different disciplines could offer guest
Students feel more at ease when they know what will be
expected of them from the start. This information is helpful
for decision-making and time management. Clear and
consistent communication enables students to get the most
out of their undergraduate education. Without accurate
information, students feel that everyone else is doing well
and that they are the only ones struggling.
“My prof said this course is going to be totally easy—that
makes me feel stupid if I don’t get it. The first day of class he
said, ‘This is so easy, this class can be understood by a six-
year-old.’ Luckily I had friends in the class who I could
commiserate with. This class was sooo hard.”
—First-Year Student