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Helping Students Balance Stress
Provide clear expectations orally and in writing from the first
day of class. Include information about what the students
can expect from you as the professor and what you expect
from the student. Provide multiple ways to gain knowledge.
Provide regular feedback.
“I believe it’s important to set clear expectations of the
students in my class right from the start of class, and to let
them know what I pledge to deliver in the class as well. It
then becomes a sort of ‘contract’ that we both strive to
uphold, with no surprises along the way. And I give students a
clear, periodic assessment of their progress.”
—Professor, Policy Analysis and Management
“Our job is to challenge students and use appropriate
teaching methods. Part of our job is to instruct them to do
well at the university level, so early in the semester I set out
expectations and recommended study habits.”
—Professor, Psychology
“Students using disability accommodations feel more
comfortable making these requests when the professor has
established a welcoming environment in the classroom.”
—Staff member in Student Disability Services