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Supporting those with a mental or emotional illness can be as
difficult as living with the challenges of mental illness. By
combining scientific knowledge with faith in human
goodness, we are stepping bravely into an area that has been
ignored or denied for too long. This handbook is dedicated to
all those who struggle with emotional or mental illness. It is
our hope that it will both help those afflicted and lend
support to their families and friends.
The concept for this publication and the bulk of the content
was developed by Cornell University. Karen “Casey” Carr,
Assistant Dean of Students at Cornell University, wrote many
of the passages in the book. Casey graduated from Cornell’s
College of Human Ecology in 1974, was director of The
Learning Web, and became one of the first advisors to EARS
(Empathy, Assistance, and Referral Service). She received her
master’s degree in social work before developing the
Tompkins County Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Outreach Team through her work as a psychiatric social
worker at Elmira Psychiatric Center. After more than 15 years
in private practice, Casey returned to Cornell as the advisor