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Helping Students Balance Stress
make-up. For example, rather than setting a make-up
exam date and time at the beginning of the semester,
provide the make-up exam based on the group of
students who have communicated (through the
formalized mechanism) that a different date is needed
(e.g., for religious reasons or significant health concerns).
The Center for Teaching Excellence at Cornell University
offers resources based on best practices for assessing
student learning at:
Challenge the thinking that students must get into the one
and only top graduate school or field. Emphasize that there
are lots of graduate schools, opportunities and careers and
that they will find something that will work for them.
“There is so much stress and competition especially for pre-
meds. If I don’t make it to medical school, what will I do with
my life and what will my parents say? I wish I knew of other
options for using my passion for biology.”
—Biology Student
“I try to get the looming large off the table and get them to
concentrate on what they need to do today.”
—Professor, Finance, Accounting, and Real Estate