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Helping Students Balance Stress
As faculty, we can make a difference by being a place where
all students can find their passion, be proud of their
accomplishments and succeed.
“I think I have learned as much from my students as I have
taught them. They have always been interested in exploring
all kinds of critical issues, and they exhibit a strong
commitment to development and social justice.”
—Professor, Policy Analysis and Management
“Even the most enlightened people have internalized
unconscious attitudes that can affect their behavior toward
those of a different culture or ethnic background. Many are
not aware of when they are creating walls between
themselves and their students or between students of
different backgrounds. This exacerbates tension that
interferes with learning. It is important for me to make sure
every class member feels welcome.”
—Professor, Africana Studies
“I tell students, ‘I expect a lot; this will be the hardest four
credits you have ever earned. But I will never trick you, and I’ll
do my best not to embarrass you.’”
—Professor, Human Ecology