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Helping Students Balance Stress
hours. Ask TAs to be available in the evenings, perhaps up
to 11 p.m. in a library, and to have email hours for
students to contact them in the evenings.
Have TAs work in pairs.
Have TAs take attendance and report students who are
regularly missing sessions or seem to be struggling, so
resources can be offered. Ask the TA to phone or email
any students who missed class.
According to recent surveys, many students say that their
relationship with their advisor is less than satisfactory; some
claim that they do not have the same field of study as their
advisor. Some reported that they either ended up with a
fabulous advisor or independently sought out an excellent
advisor. Many students report that their peer advisors as
well as their college academic advisors were very helpful.
“I wish there was a requirement to meet with my advisor and
that she contacted me when I first arrived on campus. I hate
to say it, but I was just too shy to reach out when I first got
here. Now I’m embarrassed to meet with her, though I am
really floundering.”
“I got stuck with a pretty bad advisor at the start of freshman
year, so it was hard for me to get the kind of direction I