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Helping Students Balance Stress
they may encounter as advisors.
Consider surveying students in your department/school
the summer before their freshman year to help determine
their interests. Then match them appropriately with an
advisor based on those interests.
Graduate study at many large universities is varied and
complex, with numerous major and minor fields of study,
and different graduate degrees awarded. In some
universities, students have the freedom to shape a course of
study that cuts across interrelated fields. Such academic
freedom comes with the responsibility to think
independently, act responsibly and pursue one’s research
with self-directed passion.
It also comes with additional challenges for graduate
students who may feel isolated by their unique situations.
Graduate students are far more likely to be international and
more diverse in age, background and experience than
undergraduates. They are at various life stages, with a
greater variety of accompanying family members and
All graduate students will need support by faculty members,
either as chair or member of the special committee,
instructor in graduate-level courses, or primary investigator
in funded research. An individual faculty member may not