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Helping Students Balance Stress
(2) Approachability, availability, and regular check-ins with
It is important for graduate students to have someone they
feel comfortable coming to for assistance—someone who is
invested in them and who cares about their well-being
academically, professionally and personally. Although
students are responsible to keep in touch with you, it helps
to keep them accountable if you also stay in touch with them
regularly. If students are struggling and know they don’t have
to see you for months, they may not make timely progress
toward completing their degree.
Here are some ideas to help you keep up good contact with
your graduate students:
Give mentees your undivided attention in meetings with
Check in with mentees at least once a semester.
Be friendly in the hallways and at extracurricular events.
Invite students to stop by during office hours.
(3) Familiarity with resources within and external to the
Provide students with, or help them find, the resources they
need, whether those involve funding, equipment,
psychological support or any other resource that will benefit
them as students. You should be able to point your students
in the right direction when a need arises.