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Academic Concerns
“When students come to me with difficult personal problems,
I try to be a good listener and to never be judgmental. If
necessary, I will tell them how much I appreciate our CAPS
office and then offer to go with them to make an
- Donna M. Fox, Ph.D., Director, GeorgeSquared, Biomedical Sciences
Programs, George Mason & Georgetown Univ.
“If I’m concerned about disturbing content in a student’s
work, I would invite them to come see me in my office so we
could talk privately. If I felt it would put them at ease to
instead take a walk together, I'd suggest that. I would just
honestly tell them that I was concerned with what she/he
wrote in the paper and that it made me want to learn more
about how she/he is doing. That would likely evoke the kind
of response that would indicate how to take it from there.”
- Marion Anne Ward, Director of the Mary Baldwin College Center at Blue
Ridge Community College