b'affords. The colleges general education requirements are not arbitrary. The requirements are the facultys recognition that a well- educated person is a broadly educated person. Written by David DeVries, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education/Undergraduate Research, College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell UniversityJOHN FORBES NASH, JR. John Forbes Nash, Jr., a notable mathematician, has made major contributions to game theory, garnering him a Nobel Prize in Economics. He is also the subject of the biography-turned-film, A Beautiful Mind, which chronicles his adulthood experience with paranoid schizophrenia.THE STUDENT WHO IS DISRESPECTFUL, IS DEMANDING OR REQUIRES MORE ATTENTION In the course of teaching students, there are invariably some students whose personal styles create interpersonal difficulties for those around them. These students often present with a sense of entitlement, are unwilling to listen, cannot take no for an answer, exhibit disrespect or verbal abuse toward others, or act in a persistently demanding way.Academic Concerns106'