b'EDVARD MUNCH Artist Edvard Munch declared, My art is rooted in a single reflection: why am I not as others are? Why was there a curse on my cradle? Why did I come into the world without any choice? adding, My art gives meaning to my life. At age 45, Munch experienced a profound depression and spent eight months in a sanatorium in Denmark. After that episode, he stopped painting the anxiety-laden subject matter that had been central to his work and began painting everyday subjects, using the same vigorous brushwork and expressionistic colors, which may have been prophylactic.THE STUDENT WHO IS SEEKING SPIRITUAL CONNECTION The college years are a time of intellectual expansion as well as exploration of and experimentation with personal, spiritual, social, cultural and political options previously not considered. This expansion, exploration, and experimentation is culturally conditioned by the time in which we live, a time of dramatic cultural shifts. College student development scholar Arthur W. Levine, at Cornell University, outlined these shifts: General Concerns122'