b'There are some excellent resources available to help college faculty create a vet-friendly classroom or campus.For more information, go to: Kognito.com/products/campusvet Wearevirginiaveterans.org(click on the Vets on Campus link)THE STUDENT WITH A DISABILITY Federal and state law mandate that universities ensure that students with disabilities have equal opportunity. Just as important, universities must value their community of persons with disabilities and their contributions to the intellectual life of the campus. The broad category of disability encompasses a wide range of conditions including sensory, cognitive, physical, psychological, and medical conditions. It is important to recognize that every student with a disability will have a different level of functioning even within the same disability category. The ability to compensate for the disability will vary from one student to another and in the same student during his/her time at college. Students who were disabled upon entering college should be admitted using the same rigorous admissions standards as their non-disabled peers. While at college, reasonable accommodations must be provided to mitigate theGeneral Concerns128'