b'meet with (instructor, TA, course coordinator) within the first two class meetings. Information about a students disability must remain confidential and shared only for the purpose of providing accommodations. Instructors must take care not to make the disability status of the student known to fellow students except at the students request. Universal Design in Instruction (UDI) is an approach to teaching that incorporates inclusive instructional strategies in course design and delivery to benefit the broadest range of learners, thus minimizing the need for individual accommodations. Providing content in a variety of formats can improve learning for students with varying learning styles and cultural backgrounds. For example, providing captioned videos will give access not only to students who are deaf or hard of hearing, but also to those who have a more visual learning style or for whom English is not the first language.Resources: FacultyWare website (developed by the University of Connecticut): facultyware.uconn.edu/udi_factsheet.cfm The Disability Studies Reader (2nd Edition). Davis, Lennard J. (Editor). 2006. Dyslexia at College (Third Edition). Du Pre, Liz, Dorthy Gilroy, and Tim Miles. 2008. DyslexiaSurviving and Succeeding at College. Moody, Sylvia. 2007.General Concerns130'