b'RECOGNIZING STUDENTS IN DISTRESSIm so stressed over work all the time! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Please make it stop! Sometimes I consider suicide.It seems weird to actually say that word. Hah! But no, really, every time I cross a bridge here, I wonder what it would be like to jump. Maybe Im just looking for attention? I havent told anyone. I doubt that anyone who is depressed and considering the S word would go to counseling anyway.Does anyone notice that Im suffering? AnonymousAs faculty members, you may be the first to notice a student who is experiencing difficulty. You do not have to take on the role of counselor or diagnose a student. You need only notice signs of distress and communicate these to your colleges academic advising, counseling or student services professionals. If you choose, you also may have a direct conversation with the student to gather a little more information, express your concern, and offer resource referral information. Often, there are indicators that a student is experiencing distress long before a situation escalates to a crisis. To assist Recognizing Students in Distress14'