b'SHERYL CROW Sheryl Crow, singer-songwriter, winner of nine Grammy Awards, and political activist, has struggled with depression most of her life. As a child she would go through long periods of depression and also experienced sleep paralysis and a fear that she would die during her sleep. Of her chronic depression, she has said, I grew up in the presence of melancholy. . . . It is a shadow for me. Its part of who I am. It is constantly there. I just know how, at this point, to sort of manage it. Her depression is inherited. Its like a chemical thing in my family. My dad and I both have severe mood swings. We laugh about it, but we have really high highs and really low lows.THE STUDENT WITH A PHYSICAL DISABILITY Students with physical disabilities that affect mobility have conditions ranging in severity from low stamina to paralysis. Sensory impairments range from low vision and hearing to compete blindness or deafness. For some, the condition was present at birth; for others, the impairment is the result of an injury. This group of students faces all of the challenges experienced by their non-disabled peers as well as additional stress caused by the disability. A student with a physical disabilityGeneral Concerns132'