b'the initial class meeting. At the beginning of the semester, professors need to ensure that a student has an appropriate space for sitting, necessary communication access with an interpreter or captionist, and access to course materials used during the first class meeting. Some students choose not to inform instructors in advance. They may be undecided about enrolling in the course or prefer to discuss their needs with their instructors in person. When students make this decision, they often face the consequence of delayed implementation of accommodations, because both student services staff and the professor will need time to meet accommodation requests. Because many of the life problems of students with physical disabilities are not related to their academic lives, some will worry that explanations of personal problems will be perceived by the professor as making excuses. By acknowledging that there are many factors a student may deal with beyond the classroom and how tough our campus can be for someone with a physical disability, you open the door to a helpful conversation. Students with disabilities are also preparing for the future. They are bright and highly motivated, yet anxious that the workplace will not be accommodating. They fully realize the difficulty of gaining employment with a disability. Your mentoring and support for research, internships and employment will be an essential key to their future success.General Concerns134'