b'BUZZ ALDRIN Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who flew to the moon in 1969, returned to Earth as an American icon. His new-found fame was hard for him to handle and led to depression and alcoholism. Returning to Earth was challenging for me. I was a celebrity on a pedestal, and I had to live up to that. I had a very unstructured life. So the alcoholism and depression, which I inherited, were ripe to flourish, he said. I realized that I was experiencing a melancholy of things done. I really had no future plans after returning from the moon. So I had to reexamine my life. Many factors led to Aldrins recovery, among them therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous. [IMPORTANT NOTE: Without proper counseling and medication, some people with mental illness turn to drugs and alcohol as self-medication, which only exacerbates the negative symptoms. Substance abuse can cause or worsten mood disorders as well as interfere with academic performance, general self care and social functioning.] General Concerns146'