b'THE STUDENT WHO IS VERBALLY AGGRESSIVE AND POTENTIALLY VIOLENT It is very difficult to predict aggression. When a student is faced with a frustrating situation that is perceived to be insurmountable, the student may become angry and direct that anger toward others. Yet, in spite of recent high-profile tragedies, a student acting out violently is a fairly rare event. Developmentally, stressors may increase for a student who has coped marginally before leaving home. Additionally, the access to drugs or alcohol for some may increase the propensity for more aggressive behavior. Certain social situations also may elicit aggressive responses. In some cases, the aggression may be indicative of the onset of a mental health disorder. Although violent behavior is difficult to predict, there are some indicators that suggest a person may have the potential for violence. These include having a prior history of family violence or abuse, volatility, or inability to control aggressive impulses due to organic or learned behavior. Unfortunately, in dealing with individuals, you do not always know the historical or immediate background of a particular student. Therefore, it is important to be able to understand your own sense of safety and to ask for assistance if you feel threatened. General Concerns147'