b'Percentage of students in this1,00010,000 students? past year who have:students? Seriously thought of suicide7%70700 Made a plan for suicide2%20200 Attempted suicide1%10100Figure 1: Estimated numbers of students at risk for suicide on two different size campuses.Clearly, preventing suicide, suicidal thinking and suicidal behavior are a priority to those who work to create safe campus communities.The good news for a college community?Statistics also tell us that 18-24 year olds who are in college are at HALF the risk of suicide compared to their non-student counterparts.That is, being part of a campus community is believed to have a protective effect.While we dont have the full explanation for these findings, experts suggest that key factors may be reduced access to firearms, the greater availability of mental health care and richer connections to a supportive network.The continued study of suicide risk within campus communities may well teach usMental Health Concerns170'