b'Many people with phobias or panic disorder fear the fear or worry about when the next attack is coming. The fear of more panic attacks can be very limiting, as people with phobic disorders often avoid the objects and situations that trigger panic.Phobias are divided into three types:Specific (simple) phobia: an unreasonable fear of specific circumstances or objects, such as traffic jams or snakes. Social phobia: extreme fear of looking foolish or stupid or unacceptable in public that causes people to avoid public occasions or areas. Agoraphobia: an intense fear of feeling trapped in a situation, especially in public places, combined with an overwhelming fear of having a panic attack in unfamiliar surroundings. Agoraphobia means, literally (in Greek),fear of the marketplace. Resources: Self-Assessment: mentalhealthscreening.org/screening/default.aspx?&n=1 Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA): adaa.org National Institute of Mental Health: nimh.nih.gov Beyond Anxiety & Phobia: A Step-by-Step Guide to Lifetime Recovery. Bourne, Edmund J. 2001. Mental Health Concerns178'