b'TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCESOver winter break I was raped by an acquaintance. I am finding it difficult to share this with my friends, because I do not want to be associated with the victim stigma. I am an intelligent, strong, compassionate young woman who fell victim to a heinous crime. I feel that if I tell others, they will judge me. This is really affecting my academics now. Im not sure what I should do. AnonymousTHE STUDENT WHO IS EXPERIENCING A FAMILY CRISISStudying far away from family can be stressful for some students. This stress is compounded when a family encounters a crisis. Crises can include divorce, death, the loss of a job, financial hardship, physical and mental illness, legal trouble or anything that disrupts a familys normal functioning. Academic performance can easily suffer when a students attention is divided between responsibilities to family and school. What constitutes a family for many students may not fit the Western European/North American nuclear ideal. Many cultures define family more broadly than ones immediateTraumatic Experiences209'