b'Faculty members who become aware of a student who is experiencing harassment should offer the appropriate resources to the student, depending on your institutions established policies and procedures on sexual harassment. If the student feels unsafe at any time, refer him/her to the police. The issue of sexual harassment raises potential concerns covered in Title IX federal legislation, which prohibits educational institutions from discrimination based on sex. Review your institutions policy for handling incidents of sexual harassment and other discrimination.Resources: A listing of resources can be found at The Feminist Majority, feminist.org/911/harass.html Written by Alan Mittman, Associate Director of Equity Programs, Office of Workforce Diversity, Equity and Life Quality, Cornell UniversityTHE STUDENT WHO HAS EXPERIENCED SEXUAL ASSAULT National studies from college campuses across the country report that approximately 2025 percent of college women will experience an attempted or completed sexual assault by the time they graduate from college. Traumatic Experiences215'