b'What will happen if I report signs of hazing? The goal of any college or university judicial process should be educational, not merely punitive. The goal is to stop the hazing from causing harm, help the individual(s) affected, and help the group restructure its initiation process to remove hazing. The victims, of course, should NOT receive any sanctions. While they may be nervous about how their peers may see them, university processes should keep them, and you, anonymous, if that is what the reporter wishes, to avoid undue stress for students, and not create a different, but equally stressful, situation. Written by Travis Apgar, Robert G. Engel Associate Dean of Students for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Dean of Students Office, Cornell UniversityTHE STUDENT WHO HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN THE JUDICIAL SYSTEMCollege students who become involved in the judicial system are most often involved in incidents related to alcohol, drugs, thefts, physical assaults, sexual assault, harassment, trespassing or property damage. On rare occasions, students may be involved in even more serious crimes. These incidents may be handled either by campus security or local law enforcement. When campus security handles anTraumatic Experiences222'