b'The instructor has some concern that factors in the students personal background may add complexity to the situation, such as unrealistic family expectations for the students career, the students isolation from family and community support, intense feelings of shame or humiliation for infractions, extreme reticence to communicate, or cultural/ethnic differences that may exaggerate the perceived severity of the process. Written by Gannett Health Services staff and Patricia Wasyliw, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Center, Cornell UniversityCAMPUS POSTVENTION FOLLOWING A SUICIDE LOSSSuicide Postvention refers to the responsive actions taken by a community in the days and weeks following a death by suicide.Suicide postvention is designed to Help restore equilibrium and functioning within the campus community,Promote healthy grieving for those most affected,Honor the life of the deceased in ways that do not glorify or sensationalize the nature of the death (use principles of safe and effective messaging)Provide comfort to those who are distressed, minimize adverse personal outcomes (depression, PTSD, complicated grief)Traumatic Experiences228'