b'Your decision about which path to choose also may be influenced by: your level of experiencethe nature or severity of the problemyour ability to give time to the situationa variety of other personal factorsACTION STEP #1: IF YOU DECIDE TO CONSULT Consult with one or more of these resources: Your institutions academic advising, student services or counseling center staff, or a colleague (perhaps someone who also knows the student) Your department chair or dean Your contact for your campus Threat Assessment Team (see below) ACTION STEP #2: IF YOU DECIDE TO MAKE CONTACT Remember, you dont need to take on the role of counselor. You really only need to express concern, listen, and offer support and give resource information when needed.Consider the followihg: Meet privately with the student in a time/place where you will not be interrupted. Set a positive tone. Express your concern and caring. Point out specific signs youve observed. (Ive noticedState and National Support24'