b"H. Discourage identification with the victim.Remind students that most people who consider suicide don't really want to die; they want to find a better way to live. I. Be careful with religious perspectives.Students may sometimes ask difficult questions, like Why did God let this happen?Its important to emphasize that people have many different religious beliefs and suggest that students have that discussion within their own family or faith community.Sharing some perspectives may have unintended effects on vulnerable students (e.g. death as a better place or allowing the decedent to be Free of pain).Remind students that suicide is preventable and that ministers, priests, rabbis, etc. can help people use their religious faith to make healthy life choices. J. Focus on prevention.Consider ways to help others learn more about preventing suicide and suicidal behavior. H.If you are involved with student journalists or the student newspaper, read and teach the Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide. reportingonsuicide.org Written by Jane Wiggins, Ph.D., Director, The Campus Suicide Prevention Center of Virginia. Traumatic Experiences231"