b'the student with appropriate resources and support you in maintaining your desired classroom environment. VIRGINIAS THREAT ASSESSMENT TEAMS In the aftermath of the April 2007 shootings that occurred at Virginia Tech, the 2008 Virginia General Assembly responded byimplementinglegislationrequiringpubliccollegesand universities to develop threat assessment teams and violence preventioncommittees.Theseteamsarechargedwith providing guidance to students, faculty, and staff on how to recognize and report behavior that may represent a threat to thecommunity.Theyalsodevelopprotocolsforassessing individualswhosebehaviormaypresentathreatandinterveningwhenappropriate.Threatassessmentisa strategyforpreventingviolencethroughidentification, evaluationandearlyintervention.Threatassessmentis different from crisis response or crisis intervention because it takes place before a violent event is under way.In Virginia all public colleges, as wellmost private colleges and community colleges, have established threat assessment teams.Faculty and staff are encouraged to report students whose behavior is believed to be a threat to self or others.Once a team is notified, team members gather more information about that individual and recommend appropriate interventions. Information on TAT contacts and protocol is usually available in a faculty handbook or on the campus website.Learn moreState and National Support28'