b'I always let my students know that I am happy to see them!I think it makes them more comfortable, and it also helps with regular attendance. - Donna M. Fox, Ph.D., Director, GeorgeSquared, Biomedical Sciences Programs, George Mason & Georgetown Univ."I think it is important to speak to students with compassion and without judgment, only then, will a student in distress be able to truly listen and openly respond." - Rachel Delbos, Department of Mathematics, William & MaryStarting a conversation with a distressed student can seem daunting, but it can be as easy as just stating that you care about the student and are concerned for her and then letting that student talk and get things off her chest.You\'ll often be pleasantly surprised at how little prodding you really need to do. - Alyse Knorr, English TA, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, George Mason University Promoting Student Well Being38'