b'No matter the day, stressful or not, theres no kinder gesture of caring than knowing my name. In a class of over 40 students, Professor G. knows each students name. This is a comfort beyond words. Human Development MajorWhat makes me feel connected? When professors have gone out of their way to organize a lunch, dinner, or social gathering. One invited the whole class to her house before the holidays. I now realize that professors are people too. ILR StudentI emailed my professor to say that I couldnt attend class because I was completely overwhelmed and not feeling well. She emailed back to say, I hope you feel better soon. It was a simple response, but it made me feel like I mattered. CALS Student Students who feel connected to their professors experience less distress. Here are some ways faculty can create a more collegial atmosphere: As a program director, I make sure that students know that I am their strongest advocate.When a student is having difficulty with another instructor, advisor or peer it isHelping Students Balance Stress51'