b'After many years of teaching, I walk up the aisles in large classes and dont teach just to the front of the room. Who says were leashed to the front of the room? Professor,Applied Economics and ManagementI tell students, You are not getting your moneys worth if you dont come to office hours with your professors. Professor,PsychologySuggestions Get to know students by name.Your department may want to sponsor social events such as meals in the dining halls, club outings, picnics or barbecues, and sporting events, especially during orientation for new students. These are another way for departments and faculty members to create a dynamic that ensures a comfortable atmosphere for students. Consider making a student-professor meeting a course requirement. FOSTER COOPERATION VS. COMPETITION Extreme competition and stress can lead to increased depression, antisocial behavior and substance abuse. Isolation is a factor in suicide as well as in violent behavior. Social connectedness is a predictor of well-being, even more so than income or educational attainment.Helping Students Balance Stress53'