b'Suggestions When writing your course syllabus, consider including the following items: overall course objectives; consider the personal tone that you set as an important aspect of the syllabus course format, so students know how you will be using class time your expectations of student responsibilities (such as participation and the level of work) what assessment techniques you will use to evaluate students, including information on grading policies a schedule of class dates and topics, along with week- by-week reading assignments due dates for papers, exams, and projects, including policies about late assignments any pertinent information about academic policies and procedures (such as class attendance, making up assignments, and university-wide policies) include a statement addressing accommodations for disabilities and resources for mental health, for example: It is university policy to provide reasonable accommodations to students who have a documented disability (e.g., physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, or systemic) that may affect their ability to participate in course activities or to meet course requirements. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact (name of campus department serving studentsHelping Students Balance Stress59'