b'The Campus Suicide Prevention Center of Virginia would like to thank the following for their expertise and valuable contributions to this work: Christina Benton, MPH, Suicide Prevention Coordinatorfor the Division of Prevention & Health Promotion, Office of Family Health Services . , Virginia Department of Health for supporting the project through Virginias Garret Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Funding, Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress: A Faculty Handbook was developed, in part, under grant number SM060448-01 from SAMHSA. The views, opinions and content of this publication are those of the authors and contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policies of CMHS, SAMHSA, or HHS, and should not be construed as such.Melanie G. Snyder, contract project manager and freelance writer (MelanieGSnyder.com) for her work to adapt this publication for Virginia campuses. Emily Wiggins, Graphic artist and design consultant, for the handbook cover. The many experts from Virginias colleges and universities who graciously provided insights into a variety of student support topics. These are distributed throughout the book. 7'