b'Im in a few classes where I have a lot of assignments worth 10 percent of my grade. I take them seriously, but its not as stressful. Also, a few of my professors give out a review outline. As silly as it sounds, even if the professor just lists off the major themes of what you need to know, at least you have a checklist of sorts when studying.Arts and Sciences Student Test in the same manner in which you teach. Be sure that a test measures what students have learned. Provide specific feedback and corrective opportunities. Grade inflation is a problem95 percent of students think that they are failing if they dont get all As. On the other hand, a mean of 30 can be psychologically devastating. Negotiating flexibility can be difficult while also striving for academic excellence. When the average score in the class is 40 to 50, that causes tension. When the mean is 70 to 75, the atmosphere is much calmer and theres a better flavor in the class. Students feel picked upon when the scores are low, and the class is seen as a weeder class. Professor,Neurobiology and Behavior, former Dean of FacultyHelping Students Balance Stress61'